Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Avengers–Clip #3 Headcount

I love what Marvel has done with the Marvel Universe.  They have taken pages from the comics – and brought them alive.  They have created a living world, where there are actions (and reactions) that play out across a complex storyline.  They have done something that I never thought possible in my wildest (Geeky) imagination – They have the Avengers Assembling.

On top of all that, they cast the coolest cat to ever walk the face of the earth (Robert Downey Jr) as one of my favorite roles – one that he has totally owned……Iron Man.

Here is a not so Spoiler clip from the upcoming movie.  I love how Stark, when faced with possible death (?) while confronting Loki, just pours a drink and acts the smartass.


Avengers Assemble May 4th

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